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Signing up for Quality Connect has several advantages for you and your crew so you can line up more work for months to come:​​

  • Don't rely solely on word of mouth for your next project.

  • Get a reliable stream of projects sent directly to your email.

  • Sign up for more than one trade category to send multiple bids on one project.

  • Bid against limited competition in each trade category so you can price your bid for what it's worth.

If you think you are the best at what you do, we want to sign up with Quality Connect. Check out our FAQ below for a full list of trades we are seeking and sign up today!

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Quality Connect is awesome! The site is great, the process is simple and it makes it easy to find great trades to work on projects. It's great for builders and contractors to find each other. It's a win-win!

Trevor Samons

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