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Posting your building project for FREE on Quality Connects gives you an edge whether you're Edmonton & area custom build is a residential build or working on your next set of infill projects:

  • Stay on budget and on schedule with trades of your choice for your residential construction build.

  • Get bids sent conveniently to your email after posting your project. 

  • Take advantage of expert estimating, project management, and site inspections through pro builder and QC Founder Andrew Wellwood.

Scroll down to explore the process which takes less than 20 minutes to complete or download the consulting form for additional help in your home building journey.

The Quality Connect Project Posting Process

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Quality Connect is awesome! The site is great, the process is simple and it makes it easy to find great trades to work on projects. It's great for builders and contractors to find each other. It's a win-win!

Trevor Samons

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Home Builder FAQ

Does Quality Connect cost me anything?

As a builder, posting your project and colllecting quotes is absolutely free! If you are looking for additional help in putting together a detailed budget and timeline, we charge a one-time fee:

  • $0.50 per square foot for a detailed budget
  • $0.75 per square foot for a detailed budget and timeline
Our trades are charged a one-time fee to bid on your projects and be on site.

How do I know the trades are qualified?

One of the biggest problems builders have is finding the RIGHT trade contractors to work with. Even when you find a contractor through a recommendation, you don't know if they are licensed and have the proper insurance. We check each of our contractors for:

  • WCB Number in good standing
  • Liability insurance
  • References
  • Business license
  • Years in business
Having fully licensed and insured contractors working on your project PROTECTS you from liability in the event of injury, ensures your build is up to current codes and helps with warranty and part of your new home insurance.
We provide peace of mind to the builders so they can focus on managing their project.

How do I know if Quality Connect is the right fit for my building?

The builders who can benefit from the site include:

  • New Residential Home
  • New Residential Multi-Family
  • Acreage Development
  • Residential Renovation
  • Basement Development

When I award a job, does that work as a contract?

No, we strongly recommend getting a descriptive contract between builder and trade. A good contract should have a job site address, both parties names, a detailed description of the work being done, payment terms and a warranty. Quality Connect strongly recommends getting a lawyer to look over any contract if you are unsure.

What type of warranty or guarantee does Quality Connect offer?

Quality Connect does not guarantee the work done by the trades. We do what we can to check out the trades, but are not responsible for their work. We are also not responsible for any payment from the builders. Builders are encouraged to do their own background and reference checks on the trades. We check our trades out upon sign up and randomly check for compliance. We rely on builder’s reviews to keep up to date on how our trades are doing.

How much does an average build cost?

The average cost for home builders can be broken down into the following:

  • $200 per square foot for duplex builds
  • $150 per square foot for single family builds
  • $300 per square foot for custom builds

Who owns and operates Quality Connect?

Hi there! I'm Andrew, owner and operator of Quality Connect. I started my building career in Edmonton as a framing carpenter’s helper at 14 and I've been involved in renovations and new home construction for the past 25 years. I studied at Nait, the University of Alberta, and PHIBA where I received my Master Builder training. I've run a framing crew for over a decade and I've been involved in the project management of over 80 new homes and duplexes. I have built spec homes taking them from permitting to warranty-service after they were sold.

Does Quality Connect have any promotions?

If you get your project estimated by Quality Connect, you can get your frost walls framed for Free!

Do you have education resources for builders?

You can get access to The Ultimate Custom Builder Checklist and over 10 hours of video eudcation with access here: This guide is perfect for those looking to build a house in Edmonton, becoming a customer builder in Edmonton, or becoming the best home builder in Edmonton.

What trades can I connect with if I post my project?

You can choose from the following trades when you post your project on Quality Connect: Mechanical Trades Floor & Roof Engineering Concrete Supply Concrete Pumping Plumber/Gas Fitter Electrician HVAC Stair Supplier Framing Carpenter Windows & Doors Lumber Supply Pre-Cast Steps Excavation Tub/Shower Suppliers Installation & Finishing Trades Paint Finish Carpentry Closet Organizations, Mirrors, and Shelving Siding Stucco Fireplace Finishing Material Countertops Flooring Supply Overhead Door Parging Concrete Flat Work Eavestrough Drywall/Insulation Flooring Installation Exterior Stair Railing Masonry Interior Railings Cabinets Garbage Bins Portable Toilets Temporary Fencing Assorted Trades Window Coverings Well Drilling Cleaning Services Interior Design Energy Efficiency Asphalt Paving Septic Installation Equipment Rental Landscaping Realtor